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Can These Handy Android Apps Help You Save Time at the Doctor’s Office? Health Informatician Dr. Joel Arun Sursas Answers

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Today, there are many apps available that help individuals save time when visiting their physician or pharmacist. Some apps let a patient use their smartphone to transmit and manage prescription histories, make pharmaceutical requests, text questions to physicians, schedule telemedicine consultations, and maintain their entire medical history via their mobile device. The speed and connectivity of mobile technology are transforming a wide variety of professions; here, health informatician Dr. Joel Arun Sursas highlights handy Android apps that can assist in that mobilization.

Anytime you are at your doctor’s office, pharmacy, or need to access any part of your medical history anywhere, this app will manage your entire medical record. My Medical acts as a single storage point on your phone or tablet for your medical records and other personal medical information. A single download allows you to keep multiple family members’ medical information on your device.

The app also stores your health insurance information, contact information for all of your doctors and treatment facilities, and your emergency contact information. It saves images of x-rays, lab reports, photos, and any additional files in a single location. The data is not maintained in the cloud or an external server; instead, it is contained on your Android device and password-protected. The app can receive records by email that should be added to your record in real-time [1]. My Medical costs $4.99 and is regularly updated and maintained by the designer.

Often the first task after leaving a doctor’s office is to get a prescription filled. Medicine costs comprise a very complex pricing system, and the difference in prices at the pharmacy can be substantial. Many pharmacies and drug companies offer store and manufacturer discounts, but these can be difficult to locate. Before you leave the doctor’s office, this app can help you find the best price and discounts in your area, and you can proceed directly to the dispensary with the best options. The app searches for the best price and coupons and saves searches for prescriptions you routinely purchase. To use this app, show your display to your pharmacist with your prescription, and the available discounts will automatically be applied. [2] GoodRx is free to download at the Google Play Store.

This app is a telemedicine service that schedules a video call consultation with a doctor for medical treatment and prescriptions where allowed. Telemedicine is an excellent option for someone in need of a fast consultation for a matter that may not require an office visit. Doctors are generally available around the clock, so if time is of the essence, telemedicine can help you get quick answers. The service accepts many forms of health insurance, and you will only have a copayment for a regular consultation if your plan is accepted. If your insurance is not accepted, there is a flat $49 fee for a regular consultation. In any event, you will be notified of the full price for the services you choose before any charges are made. [3] The app is free to download at the Google Play Store.

About Dr. Joel Arun Sursas

Dr. Joel Arun Sursas is a Medical Doctor and Health Informatician who designs and implements the latest technological developments to solve administrative problems in healthcare. His primary focus is on developing technological advances between doctors and engineers to improve patient outcomes through improved monitoring while protecting patient privacy. Dr. Sursas’s interest in the field of Medical Informatics emerged when he began working as a Project Officer for PACES — the Patient Care Enhancement System for Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). At the SAF, he worked with multiple doctors and engineers on the largest Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in Singapore and also developed a data analytics platform to assess epidemiological data throughout the system. Dr. Sursas is currently serving as Head of Clinical Affairs for Biorithm, a medical device start-up company working to move fetal surveillance from hospitals into home settings, revolutionizing the obstetric practice globally.


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